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About Us

Bond Safari Kovalam is a team of adventurist and experienced Indian businessmen, partnered with Cool Divers SL from Spain to bring the state of art diving experience to India.Our vision is to Revolutionize adventure tourism industry in India and our mission is to Partner with companies who have been operating across the world with revolutionary adrenalin pumping yet absolutely safe adventure tourism products.

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Swimming Course

Bond Safari Kovalam offers swimming lessons. 

Class timings are designed according to participants convenience . All classes are ½ hour in length from Monday to Sunday. 

Program Description:

Bond Safari Kids and Adults are unique program designed by national and international Swim Coaches. Our Lesson Coordinators and Instructors are trained by international standards and techniques with a background in water safety. 

Bond Safari Swimming lessons is divided into six separate levels. Within each level there are a number of skills that each participant must successfully demonstrate before they graduate to the next level. The program progresses from the introductory level of water adaptation to proficiency in the four basic strokes. The program provides a rich foundation in aquatic safety skills but also is well suited for children who wants to join the swim team. 

About our Instructors: 

Bond Safari gives every coach the opportunity to receive training to teach swim lessons as a part of the Bond Safari Swimming program. In this way we will make sure that all of our coaches are in the right track and all classes are going on same level.  

Swimming lessons level 

Swimming class are of six levels with 12 sessions each, conducted on alternate day. The whole session will be completed within a period of one month. on completion we will take you to the next stage of our training where we will make you practice as a team thereby a new swimming work out will start.

By the end of Bond safari swimming program you will be able to swim 4 stroke and also you can join us for our other training as well as diving courses, mermaid training, synchronize swim, water polo and we also provide Hydrotherapy and special population swimming training. Swim well Live Well!