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All Divers

All divers need to show the proof of certification from an internationally recognized recreational diving Agency. You may be asked to show your logbook in addition to this. Everyone must sign the Cool Divers Diving Center Waiver prior to any diving activities.


Experience and Certification Courses

All education requires completion of a medical questionnaire which may require clearance from a doctor. We recommend that all participants in experience and or Certification courses have medical clearance from a doctor prior to arrival. This form can be downloaded here.


Junior Open Water Divers

Junior Open Water divers between 10-15yrs of age must be accompanied by a certified parent or legal guardian in the water during diving. 10-14 yrs old Junior Open Water Divers are limited to 40 feet (12 meter) on all dives.


Junior Advanced Open Water Divers

Junior Advanced Open Water divers must be accompanied by a certified parent or legal guardian in water while diving. Junior Advanced Open Water Divers may dive to a maximum depth of 70 feet (21 meter)


Dive Site Schedule

Cool Divers Diving Center has a set weekly schedule for dive sites from the different facilities. We work hard to maintain our schedule. However there are factors that may preclude us from visiting specific sites. This may be because of weather, sea state, safety, Kerala Port Authority orders. We cannot guarantee availability at all dive sites .

Last Dive Welcome Dive Policy

For safety reasons, all divers are required to do a welcome dive from shore prior to boat diving. If the date of last dive was 18 months to 5 years ago, a refresher course is required. If your last dive was 5-10 years ago, a scuba review course is required. If your last dive was over 10 years ago, a resort course or a full certification course is required. You may be asked so show your logbook for verification.


Safety Conservation of Our Marine

Cool DiversDiving Center endorses safe diving practices and expects environmental conservation during all dives. Cool Divers Diving Center provides one Divemaster for every 11 divers on our boats. Their primary concern is your safety and the environment. Please pay attention to their briefings. Make sure to complete a safety stop of three minutes at 15 feet (5 meters) prior to surfacing from all dives. Solo Diving is not allowed under any circumstance. No Dive Gloves are allowed at any time on any dive. Zero Contact Rule in relation to the flora and fauna is in effect in all dives!!