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Game Fishing In Kerala

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Go game fishing in Kovalam and have the trip of a life time!

Ever wondered how it would feel like to go angling in the ocean for fish? Yes, that’s how the fisherman off the coast of Vizhinjam, near the famous tourist destination of Kovalam bring in their catch. Unique, right? And here’s the best part. You could be part of the trip too! Yes, You are going to be an Angler in the deep water!

Deep Water Angling

Feel the bumpy waves, witness the fishermen’s seafaring lives, learn the techniques, join them and be an angler.

Feel the Sea

Unique fishing trip will let you feel the bumpy waves as you sail into
the sea.

Learn The Trick

You can chat up with the friendly fishermen about his techniques, and his seafaring life.

A Secure Adventure

Accompanied by our certified rescue divers with latest safety gears and communication devices

What’s holding you back?

This ride will soon be one of the most memorable moments in your life.


Questions? Read the most frequent questions that you might have. If you are still not satisfied, ask us down below in the form.

You will be out in the sea, so make sure you pack protective clothing, sunglasses and carry waterproof sunscreen. During winter, it gets cold in the early mornings. Dressing up in layers of cloth is ideal. Toss in a couple of energy bars, snacks or sandwich because the sea breeze could make you hungry. Also, don’t forget to carry something to drink.

If you are worried about becoming seasick, we recommend that you purchase an over the counter remedy such as Dramamine. If you prefer something natural we suggest ginger capsules you can find in any health food store. Or like the locals will say, carry a lemon with you and nibble on it if you feel seasick.

Yes, children who are 10 years and above are allowed on these trips.

Traditional Angling methods used by the local fishermen in Vizhinjam.

We conduct game fishing only during good weather, if the weather is not suitable for a game fishing trip, we cancel the trip and clients will get their money back as the refund.

There is a joke regarding this guarantee: “I guarantee that if we don’t get fish today then perhaps the next time.” The fact is that we very rarely catch any fish at all – our guides take it as their personal task to find the fish. But it wouldn’t be called game fishing without the game part and we are dealing with nature here and you can never be certain with the fish. But bearing in mind all the knowledge and all the gear, well, the fish don’t really stand a chance.

All boats used for game fishing are fiberglass boats with twin outboard engines.

Explore Latest Visuals

Want to know how the real experience will be? See a glimpse of the past adventures.


Pricing Plans

All good things in life come with a cost. These trails are one of a kind and the experience unforgettable.  And what’s more, it helps the local fisherfolk to earn their daily bread and butter.

Snapper Trail

  • Activity duration : 3 to 4 Hours
  • Distance from the harbor : 10 to 15 kms
  • Depth : 40 to 50 meters
  • Trail status : Simple to moderate
  • Group size : 3 guests + 3 crew
  • Expected sighting & catch : Ayla (Indian Mackerel), Vatta (Bluefin Trevally), Klathi (Trigger Fish) Red Snapper (Killimeen) etc.

Baracuda Trail

  • Activity duration : 4 to 5 Hours
  • Distance from the harbor : 15 to 20 kms
  • Depth : 45 to 50 meters
  • Trail status : Moderate
  • Group size : 3 guests + 3 crew
  • Expected sighting & catch : Peacock Grouper, Choora (Tuna), Giant Baracuda, Ola Meen (Sail Fish), Thadi Murale (Needle Fish)

Shark Trail

  • Activity duration : 7 to 8 Hours
  • Distance from the harbor : 25 to 30 kms
  • Depth : 55 to 60 meters
  • Trail status : Moderate to Tough
  • Group size : 3 guests + 3 crew
  • Expected sighting & catch : Sraavu, Choraku (Shark) Kalava (Potato Grouper), Thalla (Sail Fish) Katta Komban (Blue Merlin) Thirandi (Stingray) Choora (Tuna)

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